Since DEC. 1. 2006. CCIECERT.NET does not provide any free sample for new buyers
If new buyers want to see the sample one from CCIECERT they should pay $90 for the sample ones.
After they checked the sample ones CCIECERT will give you the discount $90 from the full price
Recently a lot of CCIEs and Candidates know about CCIECERT labs
But if you do not know about CCIECERT labs and if you want to see quality of CCIECERT labs
you can buy the sample ones at first.
In the sample. You can see 1 real diagram and a few real questions and solutions with output.
CCIECERT have been offering only real exam workbook including solutions, which is same as real exam, over 10 years since 2003.
And there are a lot of members (RS, SEC, SP, DATACENTER, WIRELESS, COLLABORATION) who passed the exam with our workbook till now.

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